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A New Start

Jekyll and GitHub pages

In preparation for the Micro Blog launch I have reworked my website infrastructure. I wanted it to be static, easily updatable with markdown files, and backed up in some way outside of my own domain. So I decided to try Jekyll.

Initial Setup

Posting workflow

  • I can edit posts locally on server which are published with a git push to github.
  • I can also do a jekyll build locally only to test which is exposed in a subdirectory of the main site.
  • On iOS I'm using Working Copy and Editorial to change and push back to github. This in turn triggers the github webhook that runs the deploy.php on my server to do a git pull and jekyll build.

    Next Steps

    • I may write up a more detailed post of all the steps in this setup at some point.
    • Waiting for Micro Blog to launch so I can reserve my username!
    • Customize the css and page layout a little bit.

    Posted: February 20, 2017